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Some new pictures of our grounds have been added to Photo Gallery .  To access them, login to your play-cricket account and go to Community, Photo  Gallery.  Scroll down the page to the Picture Gallery heading and there are two sections to make your choices.  In the left one select ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS.  In the category section scroll down to uncategorised to find all new pictures.

The 1st XI will not be travelling to Mayfield on 10 June for the next round of the Gray Nicholls 20-20 Cup.  The home team have had to forfeit the match because, instead they will be playing Glynde in the East Sussex final of the National Village Cup which has to take priority.  We wish them well.  We now have a bye to the next round.

The 3rd team are through to the next round of the Wisdom Sports Cup after an exciting win over Portslade 2nd XI at their Benfield Valley Ground. Nomads won the toss and batted making 155-6.  Abdul Shafi was not out 80 off 58 balls with 4 fours and six sixes.

In reply Portslade started well but collapsed to 67-7 before Sam Gander,20, and Adam Nash, 34, took them very close to their target but Ian Jones's spin proved too experienced for them and they were all out for 146 leaving them 9 runs short.  George Mercer took 4-27 and Ian Jones 3-19.


The third eLetter is now at the bottom of this Home Page.


All 1st and 2nd XI Sussex League matches are played on the North Ground at the Spen Cama Memorial Ground in Clappers Lane Fulking (BN5 9NH)  Mid Sussex League and Sunday XI teams play on the Club's enlarged and levelled original South Ground.  There is a map link here under About Us/ Playing Facilities.

Prior to the compulsory use in 2008 of the play-cricket web site for the Sussex Cricket League, all club data for the Saturday teams was on computer files, now held in the Club archives. However, all Nomads matches were posted from 2007. The clubs' stats ceased to be used from 2009.  As a result, the play-cricket statistics of those players whose Nomads careers straddle that date are incorrect.  For the 1st XI only, an Excel file to correct for that has been created and is obtainable from KP.  This is only for anyone who played for the 1st XI before 2007 and still played in 2016.  A similar problem occurs with the Mid-Sussex League which made it compulsory later.  This cannot be corrected for due to several missing matches in seasons 2009-2010 with club produced data  being no longer created.

For all club information on this site use the Header Bar and follow the required heading.  For all general club information visit the Club site.  There you will also find reports on matches and other data not available here.  See also below under Web Sites.  
The First XI won the Sussex Premier League title for the second consecutive year in 2013 making a total of 6 wins in 8 years.  Preston Nomads were also Premier League Champions for 2012 and the 2nd XI joined them as 2nd XI First Division Champions, this was an unique achievement for the Club. Historically the Club was the First Winner of the Sussex League in 1971 and won twice more in the 1980s. For fuller club information, use the link to our own site.
Preston Nomads Cricket Club won their first National Trophy, the ECB Club Indoor Championship, in the ECB Indoor School at Lords in 2009. They have also won the Reg. Phillips Sussex Indoor Cricket Cup on numerous occasions, including 2009, 2014 and 2015.  The Club's two Indoor teams compete in Division 1 of the Portslade Indoor Cricket League which is affiliated to the ECB via the SCB.  The Club also has a team in Division 2.
The Club site,  gives the main information, including a link to a local map.   Officers of the Club are listed there and there are three pictures on the Home page of the lovely ground situated under the South Downs, close to the Devils Dyke.  (See also below).

The beautiful new pavilion in the Spen Cama Memorial Ground was opened in 2006 by Robin Marlar.  Preston Nomads' two grounds were upgraded in conjunction with the building of the new pavilion in 2006.  The South ground was enlarged and partially levelled during the building process.  The North ground outfield underwent a further major servicing in 2014 to improve its quality and help the drainage. 

NOTE FOR COACHES:  We request that coach drivers approach the ground from the northern (Henfield A281) end of Clappers Lane. This is because of a couple of very sharp turns in Fulking and on the southern part of Clappers Lane. The approach from the north is not without difficulty, but it is the easier of the two and we have had issues with coaches getting stuck in the Fulking area.


Our club website, has been completely rebuilt  and contains much more current information than the old version.  It is now where there is access to most of features of the club.  


This site is where the fixtures and results are displayed.  There is also a Club Information Section which functions as a bill board to show latest news and other short term information.  It remains the centre of the club membership and league registration information with its links to the ECB.


This will be published here before the end of March.  It will include reviews of the prospects for the coming season and examine the changes taking place in and around the club and league resulting from the new MCC Laws and the restructuring of league cricket in the county.  The eLetter will also be posted on the Club's own web site


Editor:  Keith Pitt, (

Editorial Comment

This is a time of great change for all of us involved in cricket.  A rewriting of the Laws of Cricket has operated globally since 1/10/2017 and we all need to be aware of how the changes affect us.  In parallel with this, all league teams in Sussex are now part of one big developing structure, completing in 2019.  Elsewhere in this edition Nigel reminds everyone of the changes which most directly affect umpires, scorers and team captains.  This edition has not stuck strictly to the format of contributors, but uses those that are more directly the changing environment.  Jimmy Mckemey has stepped down from the Vice-Captaincy and we welcome Dan Phillips as his replacement.

The Club has recently launched a new and up to date version of its own web site,  There are direct links between it and the play-cricket site.  The Home Page of the league site will continue to carry up to date messages of club events and other matters, as well as being one of the places you can find the eLetters. 

News of Player Changes for 2017

Two players have left the 1st XI squad to join other clubs.  Dom Shepheard has gone to play for Linden Park in the Kent League and James Wilkes-Green , from Guernsey has moved to St James’s Montefiore.  We wish them both great success for their new clubs.  Henry Gane and Richard Dexter are moving away and will no longer be playing for Nomads.  (See Jason’s article below).

Kash tells me that  he hopes to sign several new players who have been coming to nets.  I alsoknow of two new 1st XI players;  Jeremy tells me that they are both New Zealanders, one being the Overseas Player and the other will qualify as a Class 1 (Local) player. ( See Dan’s article for further details).


This event will now go ahead on Saturday April 7 after the flood damage during the thaw.  Please come and help.  Also, please tell Clare or Jan if you are coming so that enough food can be brought in.


2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Preston Nomads and the 1st team. It’s fair to say for a few seasons we have not been fulfilling our potential and the league tables reflect this. Too many occasions we have been in good positions and not been able to finish the opposition. With a fresh perspective and a real drive during the winter to make changes, the start of the season cannot come quicker.

We have recruited very well during the winter to boost our bowling attack. With the arrivals of Navin Patel and Blair Tickner whom we welcome to the club we have 2 very experienced quick bowlers. This will bring an additional buzz into the first team and will make any team anxious to be playing us.

With great depth throughout the club, all players should be striving to play the best possible standard. The doors are open for any players that are excelling to move into the grade above. This starts with training, preparation, mentality and finishes with performance. In the 1st team we need to start seeing players that have the drive and determination to play for the 1st team and succeed. This will only make the club stronger. This calls for all players to attend trainings and train to impress.

This year- if our batsmen apply themselves like we know they can, the bowlers bowl with tactical nous and the fielders work hard for the team, you can expect us to have a couple of trophies in the cabinet!

With a few small changes we can get back to where we belong, winning!

Dan Phillips Vice Captain, 1stXI

Editor’s Note:  Navin is English born and plays for Central Districts.  Blair also plays for Central Districts and comes from Napier as our overseas player.


The Preston Nomads Academy / 2nd XI made great strides in 2017 playing the highest standard in their history against very good club 1st XI’s. This was very challenging cricket where there was a mix of Club 1st XI’s and the normal 2nd XI’s that we have played against for a number of years. Although the going was tough-we finished above half way as the top 2nd XI in the County and above 1 other 1st XI. This was a tremendous achievement after two previous seasons where we have won the league.

The movement into the 1st XI was disappointing despite their challenging season. The movement in between the 1st XI and the 2nd XI needs to be more pronounced moving forward recognising achievement and potential ahead of experience and longevity. It is recognised that this problem exists between the 2nd XI and the 3rd XI also and it is difficult to blood a new young player at the competitive levels that the club enjoys.

The 2018 season will be challenging as we are losing two fine 2nd XI players in Henry Gains and Richard Dexter. Both have given great service to the club and it is hoped that when both get older they might settle back in Brighton & Hove. We wish them both best of luck in the future.

The 2nd XI will have new ideas in 2018 with Owen Kernan taking over the captaincy. Owen is a great choice who is respected by senior and junior players and will fit in the role with ease. He has a nice way of dealing with the kids whilst retaining a competitive edge. Once again, the selection prior to term finishing will be challenging-but I am sure that the season promises great enjoyment and success!


I have already been speaking to my leadership group ahead of the upcoming season. We have worked out who will be assigned with the ‘important tasks’ and who we will have to ‘hang-out to dry’ if needs be. This nod to the recent controversy though is nothing compared to the move to the one league system!! It had been a long time coming and although plenty of teams have made a stand against it where they believe it will ruin village/smaller club cricket I am a supporter of the new format. Players have always moved clubs to test themselves at a higher standard and I do not see how the new format will increase this. If anything it may have the opposite effect where clubs can push themselves up the pyramid. For our club it will allow us to push the players no matter which side they play in. ‘The best club in Sussex’ tag that was accredited last season rings true with our teams’ positions within the pyramid set-up, highest ranked 3rd and 4th team . It is a credit to all at the club, especially those that work tirelessly behind the scenes to allow this to be the case and make the club an attractive proposition for new players.

 Special thanks to David Thompson for his Chairmanship over the last few seasons, probably some of the most testing with the new set-up, of league and club, and the change to the overseas player policy, he leaves with the club in a great position. I welcome Jason Robinson to position and wish him all the best. He had a very successful tenure as 2nd XI Captain and I look forward to working with him and the committee to make sure the club is a continued cornerstone of Sussex cricket.


The 3rd team find themselves in Division 5 Central, consisting of teams from the East and West leagues. This will throw us in to some unknown and testing territory but with the never say die attitude that has grown amongst the team and the ability that is available at the club I am looking forward to the challenge. The change in the league has seen a change in playing conditions as well with half the games moving to a limited overs format of 40 a side. It’ll be a true test of captains and players due to the restrictions on bowlers’ overs and field placings. Availability is always the hot topic throughout the season and the cause of many late night or early morning phone calls. Please assist all the Captains with being available as much as you can and keeping everyone in the loop.

Away from my cricketing/captaincy duties this season I will be assisting Stephen Rigg with some social events. We are aiming for one a month with the 19th May being our first one. Make a note in the diary. More details will be sent out soon.

Once again I thank everyone that does so much work behind the scenes throughout the season and in the winter too. Without you we wouldn’t have the facilities that we are graced with; it truly is a privilege.  Best of luck to all the teams. Once a Nomad, always a Nomad.

David Symes, Third XI Captain


We have started 2018 with 12 weeks indoor winter nets. The colt nets have been planned to run in line with the County programme with the help of County Coaches.  We will carry the county programme to the outdoor nets on Friday evenings starting at the end of April with more scenario based live nets.

We are looking to recruit some players for U9s, U14s and U15s, if you know of anyone who would like to join please do let myself or Zuni know. Our U12s have two teams competing this year. We have the introduction of the U18 league which replaces the U16 league this year, giving youngsters more of a chance to play cricket if they missed out due to GCSCs.

The girls’ cricket at Nomads was started last year; it did go well, however, there is still a long way to go before we can enter competitions. I am wanting to push this again this year and, hopefully, by 2019 we can get a team ready.

Our primary focus is to promote the highest quality, of performance on an individual and team basis in order to develop cricketers to play for PNCC and Sussex teams.  We have many Colts who were successful in reaching the District and County setup in all age groups for this coming season.

The adults have also started 2018 with the indoor nets; this has been successful this year with many players turning up and taking part.  We have recruited a few new players who have taken part in the indoor nets. However, we are always looking to recruit new players our 4 Saturday teams and for the Sunday X1.  The adults also had the facility to have some one-to-one coaching sessions for batting and bowling with Jimmy Anyon on a regular basis.

The boys are practicing hard with determination to have a successful season ahead of them. I wish all our captains and players a successful season ahead.

Kash Ibrahim, Director of Cricket and Colts Manager


I personally welcome the new law because I feel player indiscipline is a direct challenge to the Spirit of Cricket.  My colleague John Moore and I watched the worst piece of dissent either of us had ever seen at one of the recent Sussex Indoor Cricket Finals when a player twice shouted for a long and loud time at one of the Sussex League’s umpires.  His colleague reported it to the SCB and thye used the League disciplinary panel to take action.  He was banned from playing for his Club for the first 4 of their coming season’s league matches.  I hope that the new law will help to prevent such scenes.

Keith Pitt.


I am hoping that this season will see a return to warm Friday evenings and a good weather start for the season for everyone!

Cricket teas remain in the same format as last season with home-made cakes, savouries and food preparation mainly from scratch, which we hope that the players and visitors will enjoy. We try and vary the food each weekend but we are always happy to receive ideas for teas- within reason!

Food will be available again on Friday nights for as long as there is demand, and depending, on Sussex County CC T20 Friday night matches. I aim to cater for everyone, but if you have an allergy/food intolerance and you know you will want food on a Friday, just let me know and arrangements can be made!

Also, if you are celebrating a birthday or special occasion on a Friday or at a weekend match and want a special cake or food provided then do just let me know.

That’s it for now, just thanks again to all the helpers from last season, especially Cassie, also Sam & Maggie, who at the moment have promised to help again, plus all the behind the scenes helpers including Keith Pitt & Phil Brown, and the numerous volunteers who make this Club run as well as it does.  Best wishes for a successful 2018 to all!!



Courses were run in the County to go through the revised MCC laws, notably law 42, "Player conduct". Team captains must be familiar with the rule changes which will apply in all forms of League cricket.  Scorers also need to able to understand what might be happening on the field in the event of an incident.

Scorers please note that the bowler penalty for a no ball cannot exceed one run plus any runs being scored off the bat.  Any leg byes or byes resulting from a no ball will be recorded as fielding extras.

The scoring from wide deliveries remains unchanged. 

Nigel Smith, First Team Scorer


Following a largely successful season for the Sunday XI last season, I am hoping to continue our reputation for playing friendly but competitive cricket for the upcoming season. Sunday cricket provides a great opportunity for cricketers of all skills. For the younger cricketers still playing age-group cricket, they are able to test themselves in adult cricket with prolonged opportunities with both bat and ball and perhaps even turn the heads of the respective adult team captains for league cricket! For the cricketers who are settled into playing league cricket for Nomads, Sunday cricket allows for an opportunity to play cricket in a more relaxed environment with the additional possibility to get some runs and wickets which can build confidence leading for league games.

With better availability than last season and weather permitting, we can hope for several home and away fixtures against competitive opposition.

Taron Ikram, Sunday XI Captain.


Ground work in 2018

February was a slower month as always, but we managed to cut all areas and did some outfield linear aeration in the hope of slicing up some chafer grubs that are working their way up to the top of the surface.  We need to try to manage these grubs, otherwise birds and even badgers dig like mad to get an easy meal at our outfields’ expense.

During February we also re-squared up our North square using the 30, 40, 50ft method creating a 90 degree angle. We also maintained the small markers, “carrots” which are used to define the 15 strips on the north Ground.  They ensure that all strips are accurate in size, shape and direction. We also spent time power washing screens in readiness for the season.              

February was also a good month for more planning, stock control, machinery ordering, pitch placement, completing winter machinery servicing and re-painting our auto-roller(above) 


Temperature and ground condition allowing, we hope to start pre-season rolling with our Dennis premier (36″) in a Union Jack pattern, with the last roll in the line of play.  Then we will be building up weight once the soil has dried, then go onto the auto roller. Finally, rolling at maximum weight is likely to be early April.

Keeping the grass topped and lowering the height of cut will also go ahead this month. and liquid feeds if very cold or granular if and when temperatures pick up, the grass will get stressed with the rolling so a spring controlled released fertiliser will be needed.  We will also, during March, begin preparing the grass for the season by gradually decreasing the height of the cut until it reaches around 5 mm.  Various fertilisers and feeds will be used in response to the weather conditions it has to undergo.

Worm control will take place this month if necessary.  The squares will be brushed to remove any surface winter debris.  Where necessary, over-seeding will take place.

(Please note that this article was prepared before the current severe cold spells.  Editor).

STOP PRESS:  Brian tells me that as a result of the cold spells, we are 2-3 weeks behind schedule and that neither rolling nor cutting can start yet.  Once they can start both will have to done more carefully than usual, meaning that rolling must be much lighter than usual until the ground has a chance to harden up to avoid damage and cutting is higher to avoid tearing up the surface.  The quality of the pitches for the early part of the season will be dependent on the weather from now to the start of the season.  The water table is very high and drying will depend very much on the sun and wind to take away the excess moisture to allow the lower layers to dry out into the underlay.  The first cuts will leave 12mm of grass, with final match cuts at 5mm on the square.

Brian Sandalls, Preston Nomads’ Senior Groundsman.

Editor:  Please note that photographs can only be added in the email edition as the web sites cannot accommodate them at present.



                                                     Preston Nomads Cricket Club                                                                                          

WebLetter No. 2, November 2017. First Co-ordinator:  Keith Pitt

This second WebLetter comes at a time of great change in the structure and management of all league cricket in Sussex starting in 2018. As a result much of this edition is devoted to the changes and their effect on our teams.   There is a contribution of importance to scorers and umpires because of the many changes to the MCC Laws of Cricket which came into operation on 01 October 2017. 


PN1     Premier; PN2  D3 East; PN3  D5 Central; PN4 D8 Central.


In D3 East there are 6 second XIs and 4 first XIs.  The first XIs are Portslade, Crawley Eagles, Burgess Hill and Seaford.

In D5 Central there are Ashdown Forest and PN3 with 4 ESCL and 4 WSICL teams.

In D8 Central there are 4 WSICL teams and 6 MSCL teams.

Post of eLetter Co-ordinator:  The Club is looking for a new volunteer coordinator as the present coordinator is retiring.  Please contact Clare if you can help.


Off the pitch the Club had to deal with the Home Office and ECB regulations on overseas professionals and Tier 5 visas. Despite frequent communication with both organisations, the outcome was that Carl Simon, after many years of service to the Club, would not be permitted to play in the UK as an overseas player. The outcome was that our club had to apply to be registered as a Tier 5 sponsor for overseas players, a process which has created a whole new industry, additional cost and time taken up complying with Home Office legislation.  At least the Club is now set up for future years in this area (until the next Home Office ruling).

We had prepared a dinner in Carl’s honour at the County Ground before we found out about the visa ban.  The Home office fiasco happened at the very time we had prepared for Carl Simon’s last season with a dinner in his honour at the County Ground just before the season started. We were delighted that Carl came over as a tourist for a week Carl’s speech was very moving, heartfelt and surprisingly long! It was a pleasure for all present to have the opportunity to thank Carl for everything he did for the Club both on and off the pitch during his years with Club. We all hope Carl takes full advantage of his ECB Level 2 coaching qualification back in Antigua. 

I would like to recognise the achievements of David Symes and Justin Schildkamp in captaining the 3rd XI and 4th XI respectively in the Mid Sussex league, where the 3rd XI and 4th XI were runners up in their respective League which was especially important this year. Major changes are coming in Sussex League cricket from 2018 with a single pyramid structure in which the final league position will determine into which division of the Central Section the teams would be placed for 2018.  Congratulations to Brian and his team on the delivery of a North and South Ground that are the envy of all other clubs. Brian has been awarded groundsman of the year for 2017 from the Sussex Cricket League. 

Off the pitch, the Club has, for some time, had to consider what organisational structure would be the best for us in the future. There are complex issues the Committee have had to grapple with, but we are clear that to remain as we are is not an option. We are working, with much support, on converting the Club to a Charity. There are many steps to go through to achieve this and we will have a limited time in which to achieve this. Our AGM will take place as usual at the end of January but immediately below this article is a message from the Club Secretary giving notice of the necessary Emergency General Meeting for this purpose. 

In reference to the AGM, I can confirm that I will not be standing as Chairman of Preston Nomads CC in 2018, due to pressure of work. I remain passionate about our Club and proud that it is the only Club for whom I have played cricket.

David Thompson, Chairman October 2017


Please all note that we are holding an EGM on Tuesday 5th December at 7:30pm.  The meeting will be at The Hove Club, 28 Fourth Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PJ and the bar will be open.  The meeting is regarding Changing the Constitution of Preston Nomads Cricket Club into a Charity.  Please put the date in your diaries.

Clare O’Brien, Club Secretary


Sincere thanks are once again offered to all our sponsors, IEP Financial, Wilson Sandford, Hayward & Green, LeumiABL, Deepdene School, Sussex Print Management, and the 100+ club who continue to support our Colts cricket. We were also pleased to welcome Cheetahs Gym as a sponsor for 2017.  As a Club, we need to ensure our sponsors are promoted effectively throughout the Club and we support their business just as they support our Club.

David Thompson, Chairman, October 2017


After the huge disappointment that Home Office rules prevented Carl from playing a final season for Preston Nomads, the Development Team Working Group worked tirelessly to turn this setback into a benefit event worthy of his fabulous service to the Club over twelve years.

A huge thanks to Riggy who led the team energetically to make the evening of 21st April at the County Ground such a memorable event. In his reply to the presentation, Carl gave us a speech that was not only entertaining, but articulate and hugely passionate – right from the very heart of a true and special Nomad.

The make-up of the 1st XI is exercising the Development Team in the close season. The final points total didn’t do the side justice, but we all know we strive for competing for the top positions and this year we fell short.  I know that Jason was disappointed that the Academy players didn’t challenge for promotion from Division 3, but 5th place and being comfortably the leading 2nd XI side in the entire league (by 46 points), for the third year running, is a creditable achievement.  Congratulations to the 3rds and the 4ths on being runners-up of Divisions 1 and 2 respectively of the Mid Sussex League. 2017 was another successful season for the Club in fielding young players in the senior sides and those players making major contributions.

The Colts had another bumper year, with considerable success which Kash reports on below but, from the Development Team and the entire Club, a massive thank-you to all of the colts managers, coaches and parents who put in hard work, ability, passion and organisational skills to provide the Club with the best possible future outlook.


Finally on 2017, a huge thanks to Taron and brother Sakib on running the Sunday side, sometimes a thankless task (raising the side), but also very rewarding and fun, as I was reminded in a rare Sunday outing this season. In 2018 we will do more to encourage all of the senior players to play at least one game through the season.

Cricket, like – well, most things is in a time of considerable change and, for us, it is a New Pyramid Structure incorporating the Sussex League, the West Sussex Invitation League, the East Sussex League and the Mid Sussex League. We believe that this is good for cricket, good for Sussex cricket and good for Preston Nomads as we seek to raise our standard at all levels.

Below Premier and Division 2, sides will be placed geographically (East and West for Divisions 3 and 4; East, Central and West for Divisions 5 through 11 and it gets more complicated for Divisions 12 through 14, though this won’t impact us). The Preston Nomads sides have been placed as follows:

·         1st XI – Premier Division

·         2nd XI – Division 3 East (the third tier, ie no Championship division unlike the Football League)

·         3rd XI – Division 5 Central

·         4th XI – Division 8 Central

Preston Nomads Cricket Club Development Team        Graham Watson November 2017


Carl's benefit dinner, was a huge success and well supported by Nomads and other clubs within the Sussex League. On behalf of Carl and the Club I would like to thank everybody for their generous support.  Craig Alexander, our new South African Overseas player, settled in very well. We also welcomed into the ranks two new signings, in the shape of Nathan Poole, who had an excellent first season with Nomads including a fine century against Middleton, and young leg spinner, Will Collard in some early games during the school holidays. He proved a very capable and mature bowler, delivering an impressive display of controlled leg-spin bowling against East Grinstead in the National Knockout and a 5 for against Bexhill.

Our season was hampered largely by three weather affected games. A frustrating toss loss v Brighton and Hove meant we batted first on a very wet wicket and then the limited overs match v Cuckfield was abandoned when we were dominating them in the first 50 over section. In order to compete more effectively in the new dual format of 50/50 Overs and Time cricket, we need to ensure we win the close games and be more ruthless in our approach to the match and training. One day cricket reduces margins for error and with the points on offer they can create some big gaps to close when the time cricket arrives in the middle part of the season.  It seems the new format has encouraged some sides to be afraid to lose in the middle time cricket matches due to the uncertainty of the 50 over format results. This is something we need to adapt to and combat next year.

We reached the final of the Sussex League T20 Cup again this year which resulted in us being beaten by a stronger Roffey side on the day who were better suited to the shortest format of the game.

Jeremy Green 1st XI Captain 2017


2017 was the highest level that the 2nd XI had ever played at in the Sussex League. Division 3 was exceptionally competitive with Haywards Heath, Pagham, Chichester and Crawley Eagles all providing stern opposition. We stood up well but ultimately let ourselves down in limited overs games. Where more time was available, our spin attack came to the fore, but when we needed 5 bowlers, we were left wanting.

The most disappointing aspect was the lack of junior players due to other commitments and the overall lack of availability due to competing priorities. Using over 30 players during the season always means that you can’t gain momentum.

Jason Robinson, Second Team Captain, 2017


What a season! Not only did we finish 2nd in the league, we won the T20 finals day at a canter. We had several new additions to the club and each and every one of them played their part; Not only was their ability apparent, but their mentality fitted in with the philosophy that we have at the club that once you’re a Nomad you’re always a Nomad.  As satisfying as it was to finish 2nd, there was still frustration with what could have been after we lost some early matches and had some taken away from us by the weather. Beating the league winners twice is testament to the quality of the team I was able to call upon week after week.  Next year we will need much of the same due to the change of the league structure which will pit us against some strong 1st teams from the East and West Sussex Leagues. Preston Nomads 3 is the highest placed 3rd XI in the structure and it will be a tough ask, but if this season is anything to go by we will hold our own. 

David Symes, Third Eleven Captain October 2017


 2017 proved another great year for the 4th XI in finishing 2nd in the Mid Sussex second division and obtaining back to back promotions. We went into the season hoping to consolidate our position in the higher league but we soon discovered that the standard was not as good as expected and this led to a string of good results. The team still had a core of senior players which was ably supported by several colts who significantly lowered the age of the team and brought youthful exuberance to the group. The club was generally stronger in numbers throughout the season and this certainly helped the 4ths to have another successful season and we look forward to playing at a higher standard again in 2018 in the new Sussex League Structure.

 Justin Schildkamp, 4th XI Captain


It was again a difficult season to raise a team but matches were played and hopefully enjoyed by ourselves and our opponents. Eleven fixtures were arranged, but two of these were conceded by the same club and two were abandoned.  Of the others, six were won with just one defeat. All matches were played as overs games so there were no draws. Thanks must go to Taron for raising the teams and captaining the side and to his brother, Sakib who was vice-captain.  Hopefully they will both be available next season.  Finally we need more of our players, including colts, to play on Sundays when free. 

Tony Doctors, Match and Fixture Secretary


This year we held all the colts training on Friday Nights. This meant Colts from U6 – U15 all training on one night.  This was successful with both the parents  and the club. Food and bar were very popular on this night.  I have outlined below how well each age group did in the Sussex Colts Leagues.  As a club we have had another successful year.

It was very pleasing that most of our U-15 and U-16 players played adult cricket this year.  Also this year, we re-instated the girl’s cricket at the club, with Tara Norris as the coach.  We are hoping to start again with the winter nets on Tuesday  16th January 2018 for 12 weeks from 6-9pm at the County Ground, Hove.

Colts Teams In 2017

Although two of our teams played very few matches due to bad weather, it was very successful.  Three teams won their leagues and one came joint second.  The U15s won their  league and were unbeaten. They have consistently won every league  since they were U10s. Congratulations.

Kash Ibrahim,  Director of Cricket & Colts Manager


Subject : Law Changes.  A new code of the MCC Laws of cricket took effect from October 1st 2017.  Two Laws have been removed, namely Handled Ball (Law 33) and Lost Ball (Law 20) The former now falls in to the category of Obstructing the field and Lost Ball is replaced by the calling of Dead Ball.  Under the new Law 42 (Player conduct) a player may be suspended for a number of overs or for the remainder of the match. There are two new signals to indicate the type of suspension and five penalty runs will be awarded to the relevant side.  No Ball:  Where Byes or Leg byes result from a No Ball  only the one run penalty will be debited against the bowler, the balance to be recorded in the Bye / Leg Bye in the fielding extras column.  Scoring a Wide is unaffected.

Umpires and Scorers:  Courses to update umpires and scorers on the law changes are being arranged for the near future; 

umpires contact David Donner (

scorers contact Nigel Smith, ( or 07956 347749).

It is vital that club captains and vice-captains along with club umpires, scorers, and coaches are fully conversant with the new laws in time for the 2018 season. There is a digital version of the new laws to be found on  This is very clear and can be down loaded.  The changes have been made in many aspects of the game. 

Nigel Smith, Preston Nomads First Team Scorer November 2017


The Club is very sorry to have to announce the deaths of Joy Cranfield and Ian Nunn and wishes to express their sympathy to their families.  Joy was a Vice-President who was often seen at Club functions.  She had been unwell for some time.  Ian, who died earlier in the summer was the Club’s last link to the Nunn Family who were involved in the Club from 1936 when his grandfather was one of the people who helped Spen to start the building of what is now the Spen Cama Memorial Ground in Fulking.